Harrison Manufacturing manufactures a range of grease and oil for all agricultural applications including tractors, pickers and other farming equipment.

We manufacture heavy duty premium lithium complex grease that is suitable for long service use, harsh environments and operating conditions such as extreme temperatures, dirt and water. The grease and oil are formulated to provide good viscosity properties at high and low temperatures, enhance engine performance, drive maximum efficiency and protect against rust and oxidation.

ConditionsProduct AttributesProducts
High temperatures
Extreme pressure
Shock loading
High speed
Load carrying capability
Shock loading
Water washout
Corrosion and wear resistance
Lithium complex
Calcium sulfonate

Grease and oil range for agricultural applications

  • Truck & Farm Grease
  • Cotton Picker Grease
  • Cotton Spindle Cleaner
  • Sugar Mill Oils
  • Chain & Bar Oil
  • Biodegradable general-purpose greases