HMC can design and manufacture specialty greases and lubricating oils that meet special needs and unique applications.

When selecting a grease or lubricating oil that best serves the needs for a particular application, the specific work conditions and impact of the surrounding environment need to be taken into consideration.

We can provide expert advice in the field and complete Site Lubrication Surveys to assess specific product application and required product attributes.

ConditionsProduct AttributesProducts
Assembly to disassembly ease
Applications prone to seizing
Salt, corrosion and moisture
Marine environment
Sugar mill brass bearings and gearboxes
Heavily loaded open gears
High temperatures, high torque high pressure
Corrosion resistance
Mechanical Stability
Prevents wear and welding
Excellent load carrying capacity
Aluminium, copper and graphite blend
Friction reducing polymers formulated to reduce wear, improve energy efficiency and prolong equipment life
Load bearing additives and emulsifiers
Sugar Mill Oil
Lithium Complex

Greases and lubricants for unique applications

We can provide expert advice, develop and manufacture a grease or lubricant formulation that meets the requirements for your special needs or unique application.