Digitalisation, Decarbonisation and Deglobalisation: AFR Business Summit

What a great opportunity to hear some very informative speakers at The Australian Financial Review Business Summit recently.

We joined the nation’s most influential business leaders, politicians who are helping shape Australia’s new platform for growth.

As a trusted Australian supplier of high-quality grease, oils, specialty products made here in Australia for over 70 years, we are proud of our Australian heritage and  “Investment in Sovereignty” was a strong message from the PM and the mining sector.
During the two days, there were a stream of common themes; Renewable Energy and how to achieve zero carbon emissions. The aim to have 30% reduction by 2030. Inflation and the mechanisms to control were also a hot topic and plenty more.

The three “D’s” for the 2020’s undoubtedly are: Digitalisation; Decarbonisation and Deglobalisation.