Harrison Manufacturing Company are Australian leaders and innovators in the manufacture and supply of high quality grease, oils, specialty chemicals and related services. Supply of high quality products is paramount to HMC’s business success. Customers rely on our ability to develop and deliver products to their exact specifications, batch after batch. Our extensive knowledge gained over nearly seven decades of manufacturing and supplying a range of customers from multinationals to local niche businesses, has allowed us to grow our quality assurance team.

Our analytical capabilities and modern testing centre enables us to provide a range of testing services which are now available to customers. These include:

• Elemental analysis for Certificate Of Analysis and specification sheets [ICP-OES];

• Trace analysis for investigating metal wear and field failure for greases and lubricants [ICP-OES];

• Weld load/weld point, wear scar, and wear index analysis of greases and oils [4-ball machine];

• Copper corrosion analysis;

• Dropping point;

• Oil separation;

• Spectroscopic analysis of materials [FTIR, UV-Vis].


For more information on our analytical capabilities, contact Harrison Manufacturing.