Harrison Manufacturing supports Technology Internship

When I first came to Harrison Manufacturing, I knew I would be learning about grease. However, I didn’t have an appreciation of the complexity, knowledge, and communication that goes into making grease… As with any internship worth its salt I started with the basics and was put onto the pack-off line, ensuring that whatever products made in the kettles above us were properly packaged and secured for our customers. The guys who work here daily showed me the ropes and soon I was shifting barrels and keeping our packaging clean for our customers.

After my stint in the pack-off line I was shifted into the blending room, this is where the magic happens. The guys who run the blending room each have a sixth sense when it comes to making grease, they have done it for many years and have real skill when it comes to making our products meet our specifications.

After blending I moved to the laboratory and learnt a completely new set of skills on how to measure the different aspects of our products to determine if they are good enough to send to our customers.  The tests done are rigorous and I truly believe the effort is proven through the quality of our products.

Finally, I was given a chance in the research and development department. While I was there, I was given freedom to build from the ground up a new data collation and analysis system which was designed specifically to help the Production Quality Technologists monitor our product KPIs and help our technical and R&D functions understand in greater detail how to fine tune our processes to make the best possible greases we can.  If it wasn’t for the open mindedness and support I received from everyone I dealt with in my process of building this system I wouldn’t have had the understanding to accomplish it. It has shown me that the real key to this business does not stem from a single department but rather from the communication and collaboration of all the departments.


Internship – April 2018 – November 2018 – graduate from the Australian National University – Canberra