Harrison Manufacturing Adds to Testing Capabilities

Harrison Manufacturing continues to invest in innovation and being at the forefront of technology, whether it is the manufacturing of novel grease and oil lubricant platforms, advances in process capabilities, or quality control testing and services. A good example is the recent acquisition and commissioning of an inductively coupled plasma – optical emission spectrometer (ICP-OES) within Harrison Manufacturing’s Technology Group.

Harrison Manufacturing’s Senior Research Chemist explains “ICP-OES allows Harrison Manufacturing to run elemental analysis on grease, oil lubricants and additives by heating the materials in a plasma torch to more than 5000 °C. These intense thermal conditions break all chemical bonds and permit straight forward determination of the elemental composition of the test samples. Harrison Manufacturing utilise the ICP to verify the elemental compositions of our additive, grease, and oil formulations, investigating typical elements such as sulfur, phosphorus, zinc, lithium or calcium.”


Having in-house ICP capability allows Harrison Manufacturing to provide:

  • major component analysis for certificate of analysis (CofA) and specification sheets;
  • trace analysis, critical in investigating metal wear and field failure analysis for greases and lubricants with accuracies down to the parts per million (ppm) level;
  • Reliable and accurate analysis of lubricants for more than 20 individual elements.

Whether conducting tests for trace analysis or bulk component percentages, the newly acquired ICP-OES enables Harrison Manufacturing to be a leader in ICP testing in Australia. For more information on our testing services contact us.