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With An End To The NSW Modern Manufacturing Commissioner, Where To Now?

The decision of the New South Wales government to axe the role of Commissioner of Modern Manufacturing last week, came as a shock to many Australian manufacturers.

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Domestic Supply Chain 

The passing of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) in the United States last year opened many Australians’ eyes, including mine, to where the world economy might be heading and what might be possible with domestic manufacturing.

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Carbon-neutral and biodegradable products: can we keep it local?

Can we make alternatives to petroleum products that are carbon-neutral and biodegradable, and also as reliable as they need to be?

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Lessons learned: what groundswell support can do to lift performance, against the odds

Harrison Manufacturing Company CEO Julie Harrison says what’s needed for manufacturing, much like women’s sport in Australia, is a resolute game plan and legacy commitment.

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What keeps machine tools moving and is made in Australia? Grease is the word.

Harrison Manufacturing Company is pleased to have been featured in the August/September issue of Australian Manufacturing Technology Magazine (AMT).

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Recalling the lessons of the COVID pandemic to ensure our economy is never caught short, and under-resourced, again

If the Australian Government really believes in resiliency and making sure Australia doesn’t have the same vulnerabilities that became blindingly clear during the COVID years, the only way is to even out the procurement playing field.

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The Australian Government needs to give its anti-Russian sanctions homegrown teeth 

Harrison Manufacturing Company CEO Julie Harrison discusses the ongoing threat to Australia’s sovereign manufacturing sector.  

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SPARC Receives Critical Minerals Grant for Li Frother Development

Harrison SPARC, the R&D arm of The Harrison Group, will receive $1.9 million from the Federal Government to value-add to Australia’s critical mineral capabilities.

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