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Grease Research & Development

The Four Cornerstones for Grease Research and Development

Thickener, oils, and additives are the main components of any formulated grease, but the way and amounts in which they are combined is a critical aspect to performance. At Harrison Manufacturing, our in-house research and…

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Grease application

Why use field evaluation to design your own grease?

The typical questions asked about grease requirements focus on points such as NLGI grade, operating conditions, equipment conditions, and OEM requirements. But, for our application engineers, the journey doesn’t stop there. Application services are an…

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Design your own grease

What Does It Take To “Design Your Own Grease”?

Grease formulation is often considered a ‘black art’, a combination of obscure knowledge, some trial and error with little science involved to complete the puzzle.  However, technology and innovation are critical pieces which combine to…

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4 Ways to Simplify Grease Bin Management Logistics

4 Ways to Simplify Grease Bin Management Logistics

Do you supply grease in bulk to various end users? Does your grease deserve the best care in order to get transported safely to your customer sites? Or do you simply need to fill and…

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Harrison Manufacturing Grease Bin Management Advantages

Grease Bin Management Services Giving You The Advantage

As an independent Australian manufacturer with more than 70 years’ experience in the production of specialised chemicals and nearly two decades of providing our grease bin management services, we are the leaders in grease manufacturing in Australia.

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Harrison Manufacturing Education_Training Asia

Education and Training – Harrison Manufacturing’s growing regional presence

Saad Ahmed – Applications Engineer for Harrison Manufacturing and I recently returned from a South East Asian trip, having delivered education and training to our regional partners. We delivered two of Harrison Manufacturing’s course offerings, ‘Introduction…

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Harrison Manufacturing Technical Services

Harrison Manufacturing supports Technology Internship

When I first came to Harrison Manufacturing, I knew I would be learning about grease. However, I didn’t have an appreciation of the complexity, knowledge, and communication that goes into making grease… As with any…

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Harrison Manufacturing customer service - news

Customer Service experience with Harrison Manufacturing

At Harrison Manufacturing we engage with a diverse range of customers across Australia and overseas. We pride ourselves on being able to provide a professional and friendly level of customer service providing a foundation for…

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Harrison Manufacturing Grease New Zealand

Harrison Manufacturing Sales Team visit NZ Customers and Royalty

As part of our commitment to providing excellent customer service, the HMC sales team were out and about in NZ recently, visiting customers is Auckland, Christchurch and Napier. These regular visits enable a strong two-way…

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Anthony Smith Harrison Manufacturing Procurement


Harrison Manufacturing is committed to ensuring Our Values are reinforced in our strategic relationships with key suppliers. To ensure Harrison Manufacturing delivers on this commitment to our customers, representatives from the Procurement Team regularly visit…

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