Technical Service

At Harrison Manufacturing, we are solutions providers. We comprehensively handle customer needs from concept, research and development, manufacturing, through to final delivery and post-transaction support.

We aim to continuously set the industry benchmark for providing expert technical service and support to our customers. We add value with a highly qualified and experienced technical team consisting of chemists and engineers.

Our growing range of services include:

  • Application of specialist knowledge and experience to formulate new products, upgrade existing products, and explore the use of new raw materials
  • Trouble shooting and root cause analysis
  • Assisting customers to develop a product portfolio that meets market needs
  • Co-development projects to find solutions to problems
  • Access via a well-equipped ISO 9001:2008 accredited laboratory to a suite of ASTM, PI and DIN grease and lube tests, as well as a range of in-house tests and procedures
  • Formal customer specific technical exchange forums – to ensure opportunities and needs identified by customers are rapidly and successfully converted

For more information on our technical services, please contact us.