Release Agents

Harrison Manufacturing has a range of products based upon powders, hydrocarbons, water and solvent based formulas, which are used throughout a wide variety of industries.

Non Ferrous Metals Industry:

Our industry leading product, MOULDLUBRICANT has been specifically designed for use as a mould release agent in the copper smelting/refining industry. Areas of application include casting anode table, launder systems and ladle.

Particle Board, Fibreboard (MDF), Plywood, Melamine and Laminated Veneer Industries:

Harrison Manufacturing offer a range of external and internal release agents and wetting agents to suit every need.


Harrison Manufacturing is currently developing a range of bond breaking release products for use in tilt wall and other cement mould release applications.

Packaging: bulk (ISO), drum and pail.

Product Data Sheets are available on request.