Specialty additives

Specialty additives, including sulfur-based materials, developed for the lubricant additive space.

Speciality additives

Harrison Manufacturing was originally founded to produce rubber extender and was the first Australian Manufacturer to do so just after the Second World War. Over the years, Harrison Manufacturing continued to build and develop synthesising additives specifically for the rubber industry.

Harrison Manufacturing has since grown to become the largest grease manufacturer in Australia and our additive business has also grown and diversified.  We now manufacture specialty additives, especially sulfur-based materials, which are developed for the lubricant additive space.  We have a rich, diverse platform of materials that today remain at the very core of our business.

Sulfurised Oil EP Additives

Building on our history with rubber extenders that are highly vulcanised oils to form solid rubbers and pliable compounding agents. Similar chemistry and manufacturing techniques are employed to create sulfurised oil EP additives.

  • Designed specifically for grease and oil applications.
  • HMC was the first company to move away from the use of sperm whale oil as the base for our additives base and replace with more sustainable plant and animal-based alternatives.

Viscosity Modifiers

With a long history in vulcanised polymers, we have recently moved to manufacturing and blending Viscosity Modifiers especially suited for automotive engine oils.

  • High molecular weight polymers blended and dissolved in base oils
  • Used in oil blending to increase the viscosity of base oils at high temperature
  • Improve the Viscosity Index – At high temperature the polymer solubility increases resulting in an increased thickening effect.

Functional Additive Packages

HMC has a dedicated R&D team that can develop functional additive packages to suit your lubricant blending needs.

  • Packages combine a range of components such as extreme pressure, anti-wear and corrosion inhibitors
  • Targeted concentrates for various lubricant sectors

In need of functional additives?

We can help develop functional additive packages to suit your lubricant blending needs. Fill in our enquiry form and we can work with you to develop a tailored solution for your needs.