Design Your Own Grease

At Harrison Manufacturing we offer the opportunity to Design Your Own Grease where a uniquely different product can be custom made as per your requirement.

What does it take to “Design Your Own Grease”?

Grease formulation is often considered a ‘black art’; a combination of obscure knowledge, some trial and error with little science involved to complete the puzzle.  However, technology and innovation are critical pieces which combine to make a quality grease formulation. 

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Do you have these pieces, as well as the manufacturing tools, at your disposal, to Design Your Own Grease?  At Harrison Manufacturing we do, and we can help you complete the puzzle.

Not all lubricant applications are the same, and off-the-shelf solutions can be inadequate for your needs. We understand that every application is unique and have your formulation needs covered. Through our Design Your Own Grease platform, we can customise your product to maximise the properties you need and provide targeted performance, thereby streamlining your grease formulation. 

Tailored to your specific application

From conception to commercialisation, the customer has input at every stage. Once the commercial viability is determined for the project, our knowledgeable and locally based team can assist at each stage of the product development cycle. Our expertise at Harrison Manufacturing will ensure you have the right product fit for purpose.