Supply chain management

Reliable delivery and supply of finished goods through a transparent and robust supply chain underpinned by strong planning.

At Harrison Manufacturing, we are predominantly a “made-to-order” business. We have developed strong logistics and warehousing capabilities for both inbound raw materials and outbound finished goods.

We are committed to providing reliable supply of finished goods and services On-Time-In-Full through a transparent and robust supply chain built by strong planning and years of operational experience.

The size and experience of Harrison Manufacturing allows us to operate our supply chain with an optimal level of flexibility. This flexibility allows us to respond quickly to changes in the market and differing customer requirements. Consequently, we can provide customised solutions to meet different needs.

We have measures in place for rapid fulfilment to ensure orders are processed without error, in a timely manner and with customer transparency. This includes the implementation of quality control measures, streamlined processes and suitable transport methods.

All elements of our supply chain adhere to applicable regulations to ensure all compliance levels are met.

Supply chain management

Our supply chain is managed by recording and tracking data, offering flexibility and optimisation, transparency and rapid fulfilment. This identification assists us to put control measures in place should sudden changes in the market occur that could affect the manufacturing, shipping and lead times, ensuring we provide reliable service.