Laboratory testing services

At Harrison Manufacturing we have a newly upgraded, modernised well-equipped ISO 9001:2015 accredited laboratory and can offer a full range of grease and lubricant testing.

We specialise in a full range of grease and lubricant testing as our laboratory is equipped with specialised modern instruments.  Our laboratory staff are highly qualified and experienced to test a wide range of products. Grease and oil testing are performed to IP and ASTM specifications.

Our experienced laboratory team are members of the various grease associations including ELGI , NLGI and STLE, and can advise on test method selection and offer detailed interpretation of results. Our lab also participates in ASTM and customer specific round robin testing to ensure the capability and competency of our staff members align globally with other laboratories.

We have the technology and experience to perform comparison analysis and provide recommendations for which product is suitable for the intended application. Our wide range of test methods can assist in determining whether a grease is appropriate for the equipment manufacturers’ specifications, and that it is fit for its intended application.

In addition to this, our Lab is also equipped with an array of spectroscopic techniques including UV/Vis, FTIR, XRF and ICP-OES. Finally, we also offer material characterisation, chemical process optimisation and other analytical testing to suit your product testing needs.

Extensive suite of grease tests

  • Extreme-pressure properties – 4 ball method ASTM D2596
  • Wear prevention ASTM D2266
  • Oil separation ASTM D6184/IP 121
  • Grease cone penetration ASTM D217
  • Copper corrosion ASTM D4048
  • Dropping point ASTM D2265

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