Product development

At Harrison Manufacturing, we continue to be the leaders in innovation and product development, delivering the best in grease and oil manufacturing and supply.

We continue to set the benchmark for superior products and services and have the capability to design, develop and manage market leading products that solve problems and create value.

Our product development team has developed a discipline of Product Lifecycle Management over four phases, covering the entire product lifecycle from inception, through design, testing and production, to the finished product. We look beyond just the product and can provide advice with packaging, labels and product data to deliver the complete solution.

Product lifecycle

  • Phase 1: Conceive – Imagine, specify, plan, innovate
  • Phase 2: Design – Describe, define, develop, test, analyse and validate
  • Phase 3: Realise – Make, build, procure, produce, sell and deliver
  • Phase 4: Service – Use, operate, maintain, support, sustain, phase-out, recycle and disposal