The Four Cornerstones for Grease Research and Development

Thickener, oils, and additives are the main components of any formulated grease, but the way and amounts in which they are combined is a critical aspect to performance. At Harrison Manufacturing, our in-house research and development team can smoothly Design Your Own Grease, integrating your application and specification needs with large-scale production effectively completing your grease formulation puzzle. We carefully analyse the information gathered by our application specialists, so that when HMC produces your specialty grease, it will perform to your requirements.

So what does it take to have leading research and development ?

  • Innovative Additive Chemistries – Formulating is only part of the equation, whether synthesising unique Extreme Pressure (EP)/Anti-Wear (AW) additives with cross-additive synergies, or novel multifunctional packages, our research and development team can create unique grease speciality solutions to meet customer needs.
  • Fully-Equipped Laboratory – Formulating thickeners, oils, and additives to form a grease isn’t the end of the line – it’s the beginning. Rapid prototyping of our formulations then transitions to rigorous testing. With access to state-of-the-art equipment, Harrison Manufacturing can benchmark performance against a range of ASTM and IP standards to fully characterise a grease quickly and reliably, leading to full scale production.
  • Links to a Global Network of Additive Suppliers – Additives are what differentiate grease performance, and we work with numerous suppliers to optimise performance. Whether mining or food applications, marine or agriculture, automotive or wind turbines, we tailor additive packages to fit them all.
  • Leadership in Grease Soap Manufacturing – With nearly 75% of global greases relying on lithium and lithium complexes, this is what we specialise in. Our decades of expertise in this field means our researchers know how to optimise thickeners and oils. With any NLGI grade and base oil viscosity, Harrison Manufacturing have the ability to meet your needs.

From conception to testing to manufacturing, our research and development is the keystone to the grease formulation puzzle. Harrison Manufacturing combines these four cornerstones of innovation to create a novel Design Your Own Grease platform tailored to your specifications.

So why not take a journey with us today? Contact our Sales Team to enquire about Designing Your Own Grease or to discuss your lubrication requirements.