What Does It Take To “Design Your Own Grease”?

Grease formulation is often considered a ‘black art’, a combination of obscure knowledge, some trial and error with little science involved to complete the puzzle.  However, technology and innovation are critical pieces which combine to make a quality grease formulation.

Do you have these pieces, as well as the manufacturing tools, at your disposal, to Design Your Own Grease? At Harrison Manufacturing we do, and we can help you complete the puzzle.

Not all lubricant applications are the same, and off-the-shelf solutions can be inadequate for your needs. We understand that every application is unique and can formulate grease to suit your specific needs.

Through our Design Your Own Grease platform, you can customise your product to maximise the properties you need and provide targeted performance, thereby streamlining your grease formulation.

HMC’s technology team will walk you through four simple steps to Design Your Own Grease:

  • Needs and application analysis – using the 5 Disciplines of Innovation and Design Thinking frameworks, we can distill your vision and needs into grease requirements and application targets.
  • Development and rapid prototyping – our experienced R&D Centre, in conjunction with our technical team, can give form to your concepts by developing lab-scale products for timely field testing and analysis.
  • In-house performance testing – with a host of industry-standard tests in our laboratory, we have rapid turnaround from manufacturing to testing and can both test and develop specifications tailored around your new grease formulation.
  • Scaled production – combined with an international network of suppliers, Harrison Manufacturing are up-to-date with emerging industry trends. We are regularly implementing new technologies and additives in our pilot plant and full-scale production facilities which are readily available for your formulation needs.

From conception to commercialisation, you have input at every step of the process as your needs becomes a reality. We take pride in understanding your unique grease application needs so that when thickener, oil and additives come together, you have a high-quality Australian-made product which has tailored design and performance for your application.

Are you ready to design your own grease? Contact our sales team to discuss your specific needs.