Harrison Manufacturing manufactures an extensive range of low-toxicity industrial oils for a range of applications including air compressors, auxiliary equipment, bearings, gas engines, hydraulics and construction equipment.

Our industrial grease and oils provide the benefits of long-service-life, rust prevention, loosen corroded and frozen parts, promotion of anti-foam and anti-wear, and offer high-load carrying capability for heavy duty outdoor environments.

The range of grease and oils we provide for industrial applications include:

  • Chain lubricant
  • Heavy gear oil
  • Railroad oil and grease
  • Metal working fluid
ConditionsProduct AttributesProducts
High and low temperatures
High and low speed
High and low pressure
Load carrying capability
Water washout
Corrosion and wear resistance
Anti-wear and EP performance
Lithium complex
Calcium sulfonate

For more information on our production of industrial grease and oils, please contact us.