Mining and Construction

Harrison Manufacturing manufactures a range of grease and oil for mining and construction applications including open-cut applications with draglines, shovels, loaders, haul trucks and general off-road mobile equipment; as well as underground applications such as longwall machines, roof bolters, shuttle cars and scoops.

We manufacture heavy duty premium grease and oils suitable for long service use, harsh environments and extreme operating conditions including heavy loads, shock loads and high pressure.

The range of grease we provide for mining and construction applications include SmartLixâ„¢ and SmartLithâ„¢ products.

Mining and Construction
ConditionsProduct AttributesProducts
High and low temperatures
High pressure
Shock loading
Low speed with high pressure
Load carrying capability
Shock loading
Water washout
Corrosion and wear resistance
Lithium complex
Calcium sulfonate
Carbon black

For more information on our production of mining and construction grease and oils, please contact us.