Research & Development

At Harrison Manufacturing, we pride ourselves as being the leaders in innovation and product development within our core area of ‘grease’. We strive to continually set the benchmark for superior products and services.

We take pride in the quality of the research and development work conducted and the innovative ideas we provide to the lubrication industry. Harrison Manufacturing has continued to strategically develop its R&D capabilities to become a highly sought-after source of technical knowledge and expertise.

To achieve this goal, we have continued to expand our testing capabilities and equip our laboratories with state of the art grease and lubricants testing machinery that service both routine quality control checks as well as more fundamental Research and Development initiatives.

Our technical team is comprised of highly qualified industrial chemists and engineers, headed by an internationally experienced leader. The highly talented technical team has achieved major breakthroughs, including the recent development of a proprietary soap production process called ‘SmartLix™’.

New product development work extends into “green” products and effective innovation is aided by having in house pilot plant capabilities. Harrison Manufacturing’s technical group receives many R&D requests from its broad customer base. These range from developing brand new products to quality improvement, cost reduction projects to custom-made products that meet OEM specifications.

Harrison Manufacturing leverages its R&D activities through collaboration with local and international universities and research centres.

For more information on our research & development, please contact us.