Grease Bin Management

At Harrison Manufacturing we supply some of the largest users of grease in Australia and offer a range of associated services to support safe delivery of our products. We have been providing Grease Bin Management solutions for more than 15 years and our range of services include:

  • Bulk grease filling
  • Bulk grease bin storage
  • Logistics solutions
  • Grease dispensing
  • Grease bin cleaning
  • Testing and inspection
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • GPS asset tracking and reporting
  • Telemetry (remote level sensing)

We have significant experience in handling bulk grease bins and we can provide advice and recommendations for sourcing bulk grease containers to meet your specific needs. We have partnered with specialist suppliers for the safe storage and transportation of grease products by developing innovative solutions.

Bulk grease bins have the following advantages:

  • Recyclable: Steel IBVs are 100% recyclable
  • Reusable: Reduce / eliminate disposal of drums
  • Easy to clean: Access via top hatch
  • Ease of handling: Forklift movements, transport direct to site
  • Ease of storage: Efficient shape and design
  • Ease of use: Quickly and easily filled and emptied, fast turnaround
  • Less transport cost: Economies of large scale
  • Less contamination: Sealed dedicated grease bins
  • Cost effective:┬áLess drum disposal waste costs, longer filling runs
  • Leasing options:┬áLess working capital required upfront

By working with our customers, we will develop innovative solutions which will create value for both parties. Our grease bin management services offer:

  • An integrated supply solution
  • Centralised and convenient on-shore customer service
  • Agile response to meet business needs
  • Sustainable outcomes (less waste with re-usable bins)

We have a national footprint with facilities in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

For more information on grease bin management, please contact us.