Technical Support

As industry leaders and innovators in grease and oil manufacturing, we have continued to develop strong capability through the provision of a range of technical services and support.

Technical support services continue to grow and include:

  • Application of specialist knowledge and experience to formulate new products, upgrade existing products, and explore the use of new raw materials
  • Trouble shooting and root cause analysis
  • Assisting customers to develop a product portfolio that meets market needs
  • Co-development projects to find solutions to problems
  • Access via a well-equipped ISO 9001:2015 accredited laboratory to a suite of ASTM and IP grease and oil tests, as well as a range of in-house tests and procedures
  • Formal customer specific technical exchange forums

Our technical team comprises of well qualified, innovative chemists and engineers all working hard to ensure customers receive the level of technical service and support that they require.

For more information on what technical support we offer, please contact us.