Contract Manufacturing

Since the commencement of the Harrison Manufacturing business we have been manufacturing and exporting a wide range of specialised greases and allied lubricating products across a broad cross section of markets.

We have since transformed from a locally-based business into a sophisticated growth-oriented organisation that supplies key markets – both in Australia and overseas – and partners with leading national and global brands to produce customised manufacturing solutions to meet specific requirements.

Harrison Manufacturing offers flexibility to manufacture grease that suits unique customer formulas and specifications. We also produce our own range of high quality grease tailored to suit our customers’ needs.

Manufacturing Excellence processes are at the heart of our manufacturing business, which involves a 10-step program towards achieving world class performance.

This begins with the adoption of Lean Principles and the 5S program.

A relentless focus on continuous improvement leads to a work place that is safe, clean, more efficient and builds discipline and a positive culture.

Adopting a lean approach leads to identification and removal of non- value adding steps, standardisation, simplification and automation.

In addition, Harrison Manufacturing is committed to ongoing investment in its people and the plant to ensure the best equipment and processes are in place to support plant optimisation.

For more information on our contract manufacturing and the 5S program, please contact us.