Why use field evaluation to design your own grease?

The typical questions asked about grease requirements focus on points such as NLGI grade, operating conditions, equipment conditions, and OEM requirements. But, for our application engineers, the journey doesn’t stop there.

Application services are an integral piece of the ‘Design Your Own Grease’ puzzle, ensuring that ‘what’ grease you need fits perfectly for ‘why’ you require it. But how do we begin to piece the puzzle together?

A site survey is conducted by our applications specialist to better understand the equipment conditions using sophisticated monitoring tools such as thermographic cameras and vibration analyser. These tools give valuable information on the operating environment in which the grease will need to perform optimally. Additionally, early detection of excessive temperature and vibration in the machinery can allow timely preventive maintenance to be carried out, potentially avoiding significant costs.

Our applications specialists come on-site to assess your lubrication requirements and thoroughly evaluate the following critical steps before making any formulation recommendations:

  • Where is it going? – so as to understand the type of components that require lubrication.
  • How is it applied? – this is often an overlooked specification which is critical to grease performance. Whether through hand, grease gun or centralised lubrication systems, grease application relates directly to grease consistency and pumpability.
  • How robust is the application? – operating conditions such as machine vibration, speed, shock load and water ingress, can dramatically affect grease film strength. These features are tested directly by our specialist during field evaluation.  
  • What are the environmental conditions? – operating temperatures can vary widely and have significant ramifications on the grease thickener selection as well as types of additives and their dosage.

Investigating these additional steps, via our in-field testing protocols, before any recommendation is made is a critical piece of the Design Your Own Grease puzzle.

Feel free to contact one of our applications engineers to begin the journey and discuss your grease requirements.