We Are Leaders

Since commencing in 1949, Harrison Manufacturing continues to evolve as the leading provider of innovative grease and oil solutions for local and global customers.

Our leadership is supported by ongoing research and development of proprietary lubricant and additive formulations, manufacturing processes, to the provision of innovative services and solutions. This includes providing best-in-class greases and offering grease bin management services that have been further enhanced through an innovation patent.

Harrison Manufacturing continually invests in best practices and tools throughout the business to remain leaders in the industry. Our leadership is supported by the adoption and use of tools such as Design Thinking and Stamford Research Institute Five Disciplines of Innovation to truly understand customer needs and to deliver superior value.

In addition to ongoing investment in equipment, products and services, our people are the most important contributors to Harrison Manufacturing’s success and strong reputation. Our business carefully selects the highest calibre of employees based on their superior knowledge and skills in their respective fields. Supported by years of experience and ongoing investment into our employees, our people continue to lead by producing the highest standards.