Grease Bin Management Services Giving You The Advantage

Your customer is a mine operator, in charge of millions of dollars’ worth of equipment in the rugged Australian conditions. The question is, how do you ensure quality and reliable delivery of cost-effective lubricants to protect their most important assets with no disruptions to their operations?

At Harrison Manufacturing, we are in a unique position to supply a range of greases and lubricants designed to withstand these harsh conditions. As an independent Australian manufacturer with more than 70 years’ experience in the production of specialised chemicals and nearly two decades of providing our grease bin management services, we are the leaders in grease manufacturing in Australia.

So, what are the key advantages of using Harrison Manufacturing’s grease bin management services?

  • Expertise – Our expertise in the manufacturing, filling, maintaining and handling of grease during the grease bin management cycle has been built on decades of industry experience. This ensures that quality, reliability and convenience are maintained.

  • Solutions provider – No mine site is the same, and no customer is the same. Therefore, we tailor our bulk grease bins to suit specific needs and site requirements, including packaging, security, and delivery methods for grease.

  • Less waste = cost savings – Filling directly from kettle-to-bin lowers waste and as a result provides economic benefits through a reduction in cost and offers a more environmentally responsible, lower carbon footprint. .

  • Asset tracking – Our patented telemetry and GPS technology allows for the tracking of the grease bins throughout the grease bin management cycle. This ensures you have transparency at every stage of the process, with the ability to monitor grease supply chain and on-site usage.

  • National footprint – With our national footprint across Australia, our distribution hubs are never far from your mine site needs.

With these advantages, many of our current customers opt in for the full end-to-end solution, relying on our quality greases and bulk grease bin management services to simplify their operations.

We have a team of experts who are available should you have any questions. Feel free to contact us  to discuss your grease bin management needs.