SmartEP Sulfurised Oil

At Harrison Manufacturing we have been researching and developing performance additives for over 70 years, meaning we are not only experts in grease but also in additives. Specialising in Sulfurised Oil Extreme Pressure additives, We have designed our SmartEP range to not only give superior EP performance on its own in greases and oils, but also to exhibit synergistic effects when combined with other EP additives, such as molybdenum disulfide, typical in the heavy-duty grease lubricant arenas. The synergy with which our SmartEP range imparts equates to the potential to reduce the treat rates of other additives in your grease formulations whilst maintaining your performance requirement needs.

Our SmartEP range of oils are all Australian Made and come in a range of viscosities and performance attributes that can be tailored to meet your specific EP needs. The result is a high quality, superior performing, value adding opportunity for your lubricant formulation requirements.

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