Harrison Manufacturing is the leading grease manufacturer in Australia supplying key industries including mining, construction, automotive, agricultural, industrial and manufacturing for over 65 years.

One of our key specialties is the manufacture of extreme pressure greases having developed a range of high performance products proven to perform in the extreme conditions experienced in Australia.

The following includes some of the key product characteristics that define a specific grease formulation:

  • NLGI grade
  • Thickener type
  • Colour
  • Appearance
  • Penetration
  • Drop point
  • Base oil viscosity
  • Oil separation
  • Four ball weld scar
  • Four ball EP (welding load)
  • Water wash out
  • Copper strip corrosion

We can provide expert advice to develop a grease formulation that meets particular in-use requirements. We also offer an opportunity to “Design Your Own Grease” for your specific application.

We manufacture extreme pressure greases headlined by our premium range of SMARTLIX™ extreme performance Lithium Complex Greases, proven to perform in the extreme conditions experienced by equipment in Australia.

The SmartLix™ range is supported by:

  • SmartLith™ Lithium Hydroxystearate greases
  • Nevermelt™ extreme temperature bentonite based greases
  • SmartCas™ calcium sulfonate extreme pressure greases, which is the newest addition to the Harrison Manufacturing product portfolio.

The types of grease we manufacture and supply include:

LITHIUM COMPLEXLithium complex greases have superior dropping points and are recommended in high temperature applications.
They also have good mechanical stability with resistance to shear whilst maintaining pumpability.
This type of grease has a smooth buttery appearance and good water resistance.

  • Mining

  • Construction

  • Agriculture

  • High speed wheel bearings

  • High temperature applications

LITHIUMLithium grease is the most common grease manufactured in the world.
This grease has a balance of temperature performance, mechanical stability, water resistance and pumpability.
It has a smooth, buttery to slightly stringy appearance.

  • General purpose industrial

  • Mining

  • Construction

  • Automotive

  • Chassis grease

BENTONEBentone greases are thickened with a bentonite clay base. They have extremely high dropping points and are recommended for use where extremely high temperatures are likely to be present.

  • Anti-seize and thread greases

  • Steel mills

  • Car wheel bearings

  • Furnace door bearings

  • Heat exchange motor bearings

  • Oven conveyor bearings

CALCIUM SULFONATECalcium sulfonate greases are a recent development in grease thickener technology. They have high inherent extreme pressure performance and exceptional water washout performance.

  • Mining

  • Construction

  • Marine

  • Agriculture

ALUMINUM COMPLEX (FOOD GRADE) Aluminium complex grease, also known as food-grade grease, is thickened grease specifically formulated with food grade-based oils. The unique formulation ensures it meets regulations and standards for incidental food contact.

  • Canneries

  • Beverage bottling factories

  • Meat and poultry processing plants

  • Other food processing plants

CARBON BLACKCarbon black greases are specialised greases thickened with an advanced carbon black thickening system. Carbon black greases are water resistant and demonstrate excellent extreme pressure properties.

  • Open Gears

  • Electrically conducting greases

You can find out more about our applications on the Applications page.

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Product Data Sheets are available on request. Please contact us to receive a copy.