At Harrison Manufacturing, we are experts in blending and formulating high quality specialised oils for a range of end-use applications. Our expertise is supported by our high calibre of people with years of extensive experience in oil manufacturing.

The types of oils we manufacture include:

INDUSTRIAL OILHarrison Manufacturing produces a range of high viscosity specialised industrial oils for a number of heavy duty applications. We also specialise in the manufacture of heavy gear oils.

  • Open gear lubricant

  • Sugar mill oil

  • Wire rope oil

  • Wind turbine oil

  • Mining

  • Agriculture

SPECIALISED OILSHarrison Manufacturing produces a range of difficult-to-make specialised lubricating oils

  • Hydraulic oil

  • Gear oil

  • Transmission oil

  • Engine oils

You can find out more about our applications on the Applications page.

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Product Data Sheets are available on request. Please contact us to receive a copy.