Release Agents

At Harrison Manufacturing, we are committed to improving manufacturing efficiency and quality by providing specialised solutions. Release agents are an integral part of our product mix as they enhance productivity, extend tool life, increase cycle times, improve part/surface quality and reduce defect rates.

Mould Lube is specifically designed for use as a mould release agent in copper smelting and refining applications. It has low chemical impurities and its smaller particle size allows uniform distribution in the moulds. This product is often known as ‘Mould Wash’ in the industry and commonly used in casting blister copper for electrolytic refining.


  • Longer mould life
  • Higher anode surface quality
  • Reduced rejection rate of anodes
  • Higher anode uniformity and utilisation
  • Allows easy ejection of the anodes


  • Rotary copper casting anode wheel moulds
  • Intermediate Ladle/ Pouring spoons
  • Preparation work before the new casting
  • Use in the casting launder system

Product Data Sheets are available on request. Please contact us to receive a copy.